The White Xmas Collection. Social Media Content. Styling & Photography. 2018

'Wellness'- Electrolux. Styling & Photography. 2018

Electrolux. Social Media Content. Recipe developer, styling & photography. 2017.

Cooking shooting, photography Marta Vargas. Commissinoned. 2017

White. Food Styling. Philip Karlberg photography. 2017

Barilla- Parma Trip (Italy). Photography, recipe & styling. 2017

Shape Living for the Better- Electrolux, Kerala (India). Short films. 2017

Yoga & Breakfast- Special event, Ceylon Sliders (Sri Lanka). 2017

'Sustainable Food' ElectroluxIdeasLab. Recipe, photography & styling. 2017

Organic Makers. Art Direction, photography, styling by Albin Holmqvist & me. 2016

'Stem to Root' Electrolux. Recipe, photography & styling. 2016

Yoga & Breakfast- special gatherings, Norrgavel. 2016

Floral Study N°01. Art Direction, photography, styling by Albin Holmqvist & me. 2016

Yoga & Breakfast. Ongoing events. 2016 (Photo. Adam Falk)

Electrolux. Social Media Photos. Recipe, photography & styling. 2016

Urban Outfitters-Blog. On The Menu: Pumpkin Tartlets. Recipe, styling, photography. 2015

Milk Decoration- Magazine. Recipe, photography & styling. 2015


Freunde von Freunden Cooking Series. Recipe & styling. 2015 (Photo. Marta Vargas)

Yoga & Breakfast. Special gatherings, Stockholm. 2013-2015 (Manos- store. Photo. Marta Vargas)

  Le Journal/ Le Yoga Shop. Photo & Styling by Albin Holmqvist & me. 2014

Electrolux. Social Media Photos. Recipe, photography & styling. 2014-2015

Electrolux NYC. Food styling & Set design - Now You're Cooking Livestream. 2014  

Green Kitchen Stories. Styling video - The Green Kitchen Cookbook. 2013

Green Kitchen Stories. Styling video - Swedish Saffron Buns 2013

Electrolux NYC. Assistant styling video. 'Now You're Cooking'. 2013